#thePOZcourse (B2B2C Podcasting Playbook)

Adam Posner
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Old school cold calling & emailing is dead. There is just too much noise in the market. There has to be a better way to engage with prospective customers, clients and target audiences.

It's called a podcast.

Yes, a B2B2C focused ecosystem that drives business development, thought leadership, content creation and social credibility.

If you are looking for a course on how to technically create and produce a podcast this is not it. This is a playbook, a blueprint on HOW and WHY to create a podcast that will drive business relationships.

I am Adam Posner, host of a top global career podcast, #thePOZcast. After 200 episodes since February 2019 and converting 25+ past guests into Clients, I am ready to share my strategies and techniques. Most importantly, give you the mental framework to be the best host and show producer that you can be based on what I have learned and mastered.

A brief outline of what this course will walk through, including templates and a couple of key video modules:

CHAPTER 1: The Question-- Am I Starting a Podcast?

  1. What the heck is a POZcourse?

  2. Why am I starting a podcast?

  3. Why do I need a podcast for my business?

CHAPTER 2: The Foundation-- Where do I Start?

  1. What will my podcast be about and who is it for?

  2. Who will my guests be and what will we talk about?

  3. What should the format of my podcast be?

  4. So how do you choose what the format of your show should be? 

  5. Do I have to have the format completely “figured out” before I launch or start recording?

CHAPTER 3: The Traction-- Business Development

  1. How do I start booking guests? Who do I have on the show first?

  2. What’s the best way to get people on the show that are potential customers?

  3. A step-by-step process to guest sourcing with my secret weapon

  4. But what about potential prospects that I am not connected to?

  5. Prospects are responding! Amazing. Now... How do I book them on my show?

  6. Now that you are booked, it's showtime! But before you do, ensure you PREP them!

  7. Post-Show Email Flow

CHAPTER 4: The Show-- Production & Post-Production

  1. My thoughts on Show Production & Efficiencies 

  2. Episode Production 

  3. Ok, great. Now, how do I record my show and get it in people's headphones?

  4. Should I outsource the production of my podcast?

  5. Here are the jobs that will need to be done outlined simply:

  6. Batch Production: Increasing the Efficiency = Getting More Done More Quickly

  7. So, how much should I edit Adam? 

CHAPTER 5: Measuring ROI-- Keep it Going & Growing

  1. First and foremost, Are you Happy?

  2. Are you generating leads and customers?

  3. Are you Learning?

  4. Are you Leading?

  5. How do I manage my time and make sure I stay on track?

CHAPTER 6: Parting Wisdom & The Road Looking Forward

Are you ready? I recommend that you make the small investment and time commitment now before you get too far down the road and end up as a statistic of those that get podcast fade after a few episodes. If you have the passion & drive, LET'S DO THIS!


1 rating
  • A step by step playbookto creating a B2B2C podcast that drives business!

  • Size
    618 KB
  • Length
    39 pages
  • A step by step playbookto creating a B2B2C podcast that drives business!
  • Size618 KB
  • Length39 pages


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#thePOZcourse (B2B2C Podcasting Playbook)

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